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Feeding the essential. 
Give your 
fresh water larvae a head start.

Scientific evidence shows that deformities in fresh water fish like cyprinids and pikeperch can be minimized with Coppens’ ESSENCE. This feed provides the nutritional solution for the specific needs of fresh water larvae in their most critical life stage. Supporting the  healthy development of all organs for an optimal start, begins with feeding the highest quality feed!

It’s highly available trace elements ensure optimal skeleton development. That is why cyprinids, pikeperch, catfish and tilapia fry should be fed with ESSENCE

Essential part of a fresh water diet!

This special starter feed can partially replace live artemia. Next to an extreme low deformity ratio, ESSENCE ensures  optimal tissue development and survival. Young fish fed with ESSENCE will benefit from this in their further life stage. 

• High survival and minimal deformities
• With BIOPLEX®; organically bound trace elements
• Improved gut health with BIO-MOS®
• Strong and healthy fry
• Perfect for RAS farming methods
• High digestibility and excellent performance
• Gradual dispersal on water surface
• Land Animal Protein free diet
• Slow sinking