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New additives

What's new? 

Through Alltech, our new parent company, we have the opportunity to use different kinds of innovative and revolutionary additives, to further improve our fish feed programs.

• BIO-MOS® is a mannan-oligosaccharide, which is known to bind and drain pathogenic bacteria. It is also known to improve disease resistance. Finally it improves the structure and length of the microvilli in the gut through which the nutrient intake will increase. BIO-MOS® results in a significant improvement of the intestinal flora.

• FORPLUS™ (Fish Oil Replacement Plus) Why should we catch fish to produce fish oil, if the oil is already in the algae that fish eat. We replace the fish oil in our koi feeds through FORPLUS™. FORPLUS™ is produced through algae which is free of heavy metals, PCB, dioxin and contains a lot of Omega -3 and DHA essentials.

• BIOPLEX®. Our new premix is full of organic trace elements such as zinc, copper, manganese and iron. With BIOPLEX® we have the opportunity to improve the health, growth and performance of the fish.